About Us

Technology is changing, the user in addition to the pursuit of fast, new, prospective technology products, multi-category and cost-effective is also very important. Similarly, as a senior technology, we believe that science and technology care about innovation, but more popular, only can afford the technology products can be truly integrated into life, to facilitate people to create a better living environment.

In this information without boundaries of the era, such as product popularity flow, business vision and product prices will become a key. Therefore, a group of science and technology people who hold the same concept will form the i-shop, for the practice of popular science and technology concept, we actively with the major brands, agents, distributors, traders, etc. together around the popular products, Try to break all kinds of business considerations, and jointly build i-shop this online shopping platform, through the purpose of small profits but quick turnover, Ji for the public and the introduction of non-like products, so that more people access to different days of the sky, As well as affordable Gadget.

i-shop to provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support, and attached to the customer service center to answer a variety of orders, picking, delivery and other issues, through interactive exchanges, so that the public can easily experience the fun of technology products. i-shop is more popular to provide a product “grid technology” platform, in the product and product comparison, the public can easily pick out the most intimate, the most appropriate Gadget.